Lost Lullaby

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Chapter 0 End
Chapter 0 End

**IMPORTANT**This is a work of fan fiction that entertains some of the time gaps that exist in the canon timeline. This story is in no way endorsed by Nintendo and should be read with a generous amount of suspended disbelief. :) Premise: A Legend of Zelda fanfiction starring some familiar faces and OC Sheikah. You can expect to see a sleep-deprived queen, a foreigner with a Keaton mask, a bread baker and his ex-warrior wife, dead things, and an ending. Currently, Chapter 0 is being used to establish setting and is a way for me to figure out how I should go about actually making the pages. Pardon the inconsistency.


June 30th, 2015, 2:12 am


Anime Expo 2015!

Hi! I'll be tabling for the first time at LA Anime Expo in a few days! I'll be at table C95 for the majority of the convention. You can find more info here on tumblr.



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